Get your Demon Groove on!

*puts on her dancin shoes, busts out the glowsticks & is gettin ready to ride this RAVEY train!*

Hooooly shit! Where to start with this fella! Fast becoming one of Ireland’s TOP DJ/producers, this guy is where it’s at!

Now, don’t go assuming because I mentioned that he’s Irish that he has lucky charms, is a leprechaun or will pinch if ye if ye don’t wear green! No, we aren’t talking your stereo-typical, americanized Irish lad. We’re talking Demon Groove. Although I will say, there’s definitely a pot’o gold at the end of the Mad Wax rainbow! To describe, with one word, what you’ll feel when you hear his sound…eargasms. EARGASMS!

I discovered DG in February, early March, via YouTube. I was blown away. This guy has REAL talent. You could describe his music as Electro/Dubstep with a tinge of dark flair. It’s got a very throaty feel to it. Mostly electronic beats, light lyrical content, but it’s definitely not lacking in the “OMG I gotta get up and dance” department! This guy doesn’t just groove, he demon groooooooooves.

His debut album, Mad Wax, was just released on iTunes on August 9th. It is definately worth the download. If you enjoy the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex or LMFAO (the group, not the giggle fit) then you owe it to yourself to add a little Demon Groove to your life. Trust me when I tell you, if you don’t download it, you’ll wish you had and if you do download it, you can thank me later!

You can preview before you buy on iTunes or you can check him out here on his youtube channel or here on facebook and also here via his website. Do it!! DO IT NOW!!!




Prey 4 Me!

So as I’m sitting here listening to the wind howl & the thunder roll *please, DO NOT cue Garth Brooks* I’m trying to keep my fear of tornadoes at bay. In doing so, I’ve cranked my speakers and the only way I can explain what’s blasting into my ears at the moment is pure…sick…adrenaline.

Now I realize not everyone is going to appreciate my eclectic taste in tunage. However, you must give this band a fair shot. They might be a little too hardcore for some (is there even such a thing), they might be a little too tame for others (are you kidding me) but they definitely will grow on you. Or it might be that they are crawling all over you and making you their own! *cue maniacal laughter*

Prey 4 Me hails from a small town on the Arkansas side of the mighty Mississippi, however for shits and giggles, we’ll just say they hail from Memphis. Home to some of THE best blues & BBQ. And some of the best local talent around. Prey 4 Me ain’t yo mama’s kitchen listenin! They are hard…(sorry for the temporary interruption, thank you mother nature for the lightening strike that just shut down my computer. Thank you wordpress for autosave!)

Ok, where was I…oh yes, Prey 4 Me. They are hard, they are in your face and they offer some of the growliest, most intense music I’ve ever experienced from a “local” band. Combining music, Cabaret, Burlesque, and Corporal Punishment you have something even the most prudish person can’t stay away from for long. (yes I borrowed that from their website. You can view it here)

So you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. Click the link or this link already!! Thank you & you’re welcome.


The creation of a music blog…

From a blogger’s point of view:

How does one generally begin a blog to reach the masses? How does one “blog” about a true passion and make it extractable for the reader? You have a little faith, trust and a whole lot of something going on inside your head. Check, check and check. I got all those.

Tada! A blog is born.

A friend of mine once asked me, “Shelle, are you a writer?”. I had no answer. Other than “yes, I write. No, not professionally.” “Oh!” said my friend, “you should start a music blog.”

Tada! A blog is born.

Music speaks volumes to me. I ain’t just talking about how high the stereo volume is either. Music moves me. It inspires me, it makes me think. I feel this rush; sometimes it’s emotion, sometimes it’s pure adrenaline. Other times it’s just like the song itself reaches out, embraces me and moves me in ways no ordinary physical presence ever could. My first passion; music. My second; writing.

Tada! A blog….oh fuck it, you get the idea.

So I say to you, dear reader and lover of the tunes. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I feel I’m going to enjoy creating it. Let’s make beautiful music together, shall we? (Or at least discover some pretty awesome shit!)